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is always a bit challenging. I much prefer to talk about you! But here you go! So, I was born in …. haha just kidding. I love people. Good thing, right, since I’ve chosen a career in working with LOTS of people. What I love is seeing the transformation, being a part of the before and after, the WOW!

I’ve always spent my days working with people no matter my career. Whether as a professional server, owning my massage therapy business, or co-owning a successful dog training business, working and talking with people was always the center of why I enjoyed what I did.

As the first point of contact in our dog training business, I received calls from potential clients and loved the conversations I had with them, knowing I made a difference just by listening. These calls often became “therapy sessions” where they were able to share their stories, feel heard, and know I was there to support them. This has always been my gift. I energetically ‘get’ where people are, even if they’re trying to sugar-coat it! I love talking with people and helping them see what’s next for them. To decipher what’s really going on and partner with them to create the life they truly want! I’ve also been a member of a 12 Step program for many years and worked with women in that capacity. It warms my heart to know I am part of such an amazing, loving, inclusive group.

With all of that being said, life coaching is a natural fit for me. I chose Accomplishment Coaching for their emphasis on ontological coaching. What is that you may ask?? Don’t worry, I had the same question. Ontological coaching is looking at who we’re being in life, not just what we’re doing. This is something that is often missed in coaching. Yes, we will talk a lot about what you are doing but when you add the being, true transformation takes place. I am excited to have a conversation with you and partner with you in your lifestyle transformation!

LifeStyle Coaching

LifeStyle coaching brings about choices you never knew were available to allow you to create the lifestyle you desire. It helps you become the Best You Can Be!

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Why Coaching

Because You’re Worth It and you know you’re here for a greater purpose (and it’s not just to pay your bills!). How amazing would it be to wake up and be excited for the day??

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The Process

Intrigued, Right? Want to see if we’re a good fit? Let’s have a quick call. It will only take a couple minutes for you to realize if this is for you. Hey who knows it could change your life forever..

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