LifeStyle Coaching

LifeStyle coaching brings about choices you never knew were available to allow you to create the lifestyle you desire.

  • Does your life look pretty good on the outside but you feel something is still missing?
  • Have you always had a dream but just don’t know how to get there?
  • Do your relationships lack depth and substance?

You’re not flawed! You’re human. And with that human-ness comes some stuff.. emotions and feelings that often get in the way of what we’re up to.

Together we move that ‘stuff’ out of the way and get down to what is so! No matter where you are in life, coaching brings with it speed and power for what’s next! We dig deep to see what’s really going on and as a result you live a more joy-filled, connected, heart-centered, amazing life!

Chances are there’s something internal getting in the way of that big external goal you’re trying to accomplish. Coaching allows for discovery and movement forward. It’s different than therapy in that we look at where you are now, where you want to go, and what’s in the way of you getting there. Yes, we sometimes look back at where it all started but we don’t stay there. That’s what therapist are for!

Coaching is not for the faint of heart. We dig deep and get to what’s REALLY going on! The good news is all you need is willingness to shift, to allow for a new perspective. To be open to a partner who holds YOU as your greatest teacher and knows you already have all you need. I am here to be your guide to that greatness.

Together we discover what’s in the way of you living the life you truly desire.

Ready for YOUR transformation?

  • Why Coaching?

    Because you know you’re here for a greater purpose (and it’s not just to pay your bills!).

    How amazing would it be to wake up and be excited for the day??

    Coaching adds speed and power to your projects. Coaching opens the doors for transformation.

    Having someone on your side and holding you accountable for your greatness is invaluable to your growth.

    The sooner you tap into your own greatness and own your worthiness, the sooner you’ll reach your full Self, your full potential. That of course benefits more that just you, but all those who are in your life.

    And as cheesy as it sounds, because YOU’RE WORTH IT!!

  • What do we talk about?

    The short answer is anything! Relationships, career, spiritual connection, negative self-talk, you name it, we can talk about it. It’s all about you creating the lifestyle you desire!

    Relationships: Do you keep attracting the same relationship no matter who you’re with? Or maybe you truly love the relationship you’re in now but you would love to feel more connected. We get down to what’s really going on. Typically it has nothing to do with the other person!

    Career: Are you questioning what is next for you? Do you wonder if you are on the right path or if there is something else out there? Coaching brings clarity for you to make the decision that is right for you!

    Spiritual Connection: Looking to find a deeper connection within yourself and the world? Know there’s something out there but just not sure how to connect? Interested in things like meditation and yoga but not sure where to start?

    Negative Self-talk: Ever notice your self-talk and realize you would never say those things to a friend? Are you your worst critic? We don’t realize how the way we talk to ourselves truly effects how we show up in the world AND what we create in our daily life.

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